Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces in Sugar Land, TX

Even if you’ve never had braces before, chances are, you know someone who has. Some estimates put the number of kids and teens who need or are prescribed braces at 50%. What may be even more shocking to learn is that 25% of patients who get braces are adults. This means that braces are one of the most widely prescribed dental appliances, and for a good reason. Though most patients don’t enjoy the look and feel of traditional braces, they are a vital part of a healthy mouth. That’s why you can get traditional braces at our Fountains Family Dental Office in Sugar Land, TX.

Why Do So Many Patients Need Traditional Braces?

The simple fact is that most people have some alignment issues with their teeth. When we lose our baby teeth, and our adult teeth come in, they rarely come in perfectly straight and in the proper position. Once teeth get so far out of line, it can cause a problem. Teeth can shift and force some to become loose and fall out.

Misalignment can create a whole host of issues, including overbites and underbites, not to mention spacing can lead to hygiene issues like cavities and gum disease. While most of these issues can be treated, without putting the teeth in the right position, the patient will continue to have problems.

How Do Traditional Braces Work?

While other options are available, it depends on the severity of your bite-related issues. When you come to us at Fountains Family Dental in Sugar Land, TX, the dentist will examine your entire mouth to see where the issues are present. Some patients with mild issues may be able to opt for a solution other than traditional braces, but for those that need major corrective work, the process of getting braces will begin.

Braces use a series of wires and brackets attached to teeth to pull the teeth back into place over time gently. This work can take time, and the braces cannot be removed, but the results are dramatic and ultimately necessary.

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