Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals in Sugar Land, TX

When enamel is eroded, bacteria may find their way into the tooth, where they cause an infection. Bacteria can reach the pulp if you have a tooth that has developed cracks or has been damaged due to trauma. An infection in this area can bring pain; you may also have a pulp infection with no pain if the nerve endings in the pulp chamber are dead due to damage or infection.

Fountains Family Dental works to save your tooth by offering a root canal treatment. It is a treatment that helps in treating teeth with diseased nerves. Meet Dr. Kan and the staff at our dental office to discuss the need for root canal therapy.

Why Get a Diseased Tooth Root Treated?

Once bacteria have entered the root and aren’t treated soon enough, an abscess can form. This pus pocket causes extreme pain and also become life-threatening. Failing to remove the infection will injure the jawbone as bacteria spreads further to the bone. Your overall health is put in danger.

Root Canal Therapy Procedure

Receiving a root canal near you would require about one to three visits. A dentist near you specializing in treating the nerves of the teeth works to remove the diseased tissue. The interior region of the tooth is cleaned thoroughly and sealed by filling gutta-percha material.

Finally, a dental composite is applied to fill the tooth. For extensive decay, a dentist near you may suggest mounting a crown to help strengthen and protect the tooth against breaks. If you properly care for the gums and teeth by flossing, brushing, and having routine checkups, your treated tooth can survive a lifetime.

Aftercare Tips for Root Canal Treatment

To recover quickly without major complications, you should keep the site clean. Brushing and flossing using antibacterial mouthwash are advised. Avoid chewing on the tooth until the long-lasting crown is mounted if you have provisional crowns.

Contact the team at Fountains Family Dental led by Dr. Kan to discuss all things root canal procedures.

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