Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentist in Sugar Land, TX

Many people must consider where they should go when a dental emergency arises. Dental emergencies are unpredictable; whenever they happen, you better have a phone number for an emergency dentist near you to seek urgent care. At Fountains Family Dental, we understand what it takes to go through an emergency. We come in ready and devoted to helping you during these miserable times. We provide emergency dentistry in Sugar Land, TX, to patients and families who need it.

Emergency Issues We Treat

Our dentist has the tools, equipment, skillsets, and caring heart to provide quality emergency care to all patients. Issues we address include:

Extreme Tooth Sensitivity – If your tooth suddenly gets very sensitive to sensations like cold, air, or heat, it brings a lot of discomfort and pain. Sensitivity can arise from cracking or infection.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth- A tooth crack or chip can risk the tooth’s developing decay or infection. We can treat cracked and chipped teeth to keep out bacteria.

Toothache- When a toothache strikes suddenly due to hidden infection or trauma, we come in handy to provide relief and remedy the problem

Knocked-Out Tooth- We take care of this emergency to see whether we can save the tooth. We ask the patients to avoid handling their knocked-out teeth by the roots. They can hold the teeth by the crowns. Call us for guidance, and remember to get to us quickly with the tooth so we can try reinserting it into the socket.

Tooth Abscesses- An infection below the tooth can cause gum or tooth abscesses. These pus-filled pockets are extremely painful. The infection can move to the jaw, where it enters the bloodstream, leading to serious infection elsewhere, including the heart and brain or lungs. We work to relieve the pain and provide treatment for the abscessed tooth.

Whatever dental emergency you might have, contact Fountains Family Dental for immediate help. Our office, will quickly respond to your oral health distress and provide the help you need!

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