You Can Have Same Day Restorations with CEREC Dental Care

CEREC DentalIf your tooth is damaged, CEREC dental care is an amazing solution for restoring it. Modern dentistry has continued to improve, and one of the greatest advancements is in restorations. Previously, patients that needed to have a tooth restored would have to take several trips to the dentist in order to give the dental lab time to create the restorative material. Now, same day restorations are a real possibility.

We offer same-day restorations to patients right now. This is ideal for teeth that have been cracked, chipped, or damaged in some way. Additionally, patients that need an emergency root canal will typically have a crown placed once the infection has removed. Our same day restorations apply to this procedure as well.

CEREC dental procedures leverage modern technology to make chairside restorations possible. When a patient comes into our office needing a dental crown or other restorative material, we are now able to provide treatment immediately. This procedure relies on cutting edge technology and has a special computer software and printer create the restoration while the patient waits.

There are many ways that CEREC can help. For example, a dental crown can be created to complete a root canal procedure.  A crown can also be used to restore any teeth that have been damaged in a car wreck, workplace injury, sporting accident and more. Using natural looking all-ceramic materials, the crown can be placed on the front or back teeth without anyone knowing you had a dental procedure performed.

How can this help me?

You never know when a dental emergency will strike. Most people never plan on needing an emergency root canal or getting into a car wreck. While unplanned, accidents do happen and can leave people in a lurch. If you don't have a lot going on, spending a couple months getting a restoration completed is no big deal. If, however, you damage your tooth Thursday and have a major presentation Tuesday, CEREC dental can save you from the embarrassment of making your sales pitch with a damaged tooth. The same holds true for those that are scheduled to leave on vacation, get married, or have another special occasion coming up. CEREC gives a cosmetic dentist the ability to take care of the problem the same day that they see you.  While you may need to take a few hours off of work, this is faster and more convenient than scheduling multiple dental appointments. In a world where everyone is busy, chairside restorations are more important than ever.

As a cosmetic dentist, we offer a variety of ways to restore damaged teeth and to give our patients the smile they have always wanted. Our dental office uses the latest in dental technology to provide our patients with options and flexibility. If CEREC dental care is not the best fit for you, we will go over other options until we find what is. To learn more call us today.

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