Visit a Gentle Dentist if You Are Worried About Having Your Teeth Worked On

Gentle DentistAs a gentle dentist, we understand that many people have concerns over visiting the dentist.  While modern dentistry is actually very effective and comfortable, many people have fears that have developed based on Hollywood movies or horror stories embellished by friends.  The reality is that your dental appointments can be entirely comfortable and relaxing.

We work hard to ensure that our patients have an enjoyable experience from the moment they schedule an appointment, to while they wait in the lobby and have their teeth examined.  To that end, our staff is welcoming and friendly and will do what they can to help you relax.

When it is time to have your teeth examined and cleaned, as a gentle dentist, we can be sure that you won't feel any discomfort.  This requires an expert and careful touch.  Some of our patients say that they didn't like visiting the dentist because even their teeth cleanings caused irritation.  We understand the steps to take and the techniques to implement to ensure that this doesn't happen and have changed our patient's outlook on dentistry, as a result.

If you are having any major dental work done or concerned about how you will feel – let us know.  We can take steps to ease any anxiety that you may be feeling, including prescribing an oral medication to help you relax before the procedure starts.  If we are doing something like treating a cavity, we can also give you pain relief that is localized so that the area we are working on is numb, but the rest of your face and body is not impacted.  This way, the treatment will go by without discomfort, but you can leave immediately afterward and get back to life.

In situations, where the dental work is more extensive we can discuss sedation.  Our goal is to keep you comfortable while using the minimal amount of medication in order to do so.  There is no need to overmedicate so whether we are helping you to relax or preventing discomfort, we will use enough medication to be effective without making you feel drowsy.  For example, we can use sedation to numb the area or in some cases, make you sleepy.  This can be beneficial when doing something like placing dental veneers or completing bridge work.  In some offices, patients getting a procedure like dental implants will even be put to sleep, so there is a variety of options when it comes to sedation, in general.

As a gentle dentist, we are an ideal office for young patients to visit as well.  Kids tend to be extra sensitive when it comes to having their teeth worked on, and we know how to do so without causing them any discomfort.  Children that have cavities and need major dental work will also benefit from visiting our office since we can use enough sedation to help them to hold still.  This way they won't accidentally move while we are working on their teeth.

With a wide variety of options available, we encourage you to visit our office and discuss what form of gentle dentistry or sedation will work best for you.

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