Prepare Your Teen for Senior Year by Visiting Our Family Dentistry Office

DentistWhen you visit our family dentistry office in Stafford, we can help your teen stay in excellent oral health. If they have just entered their senior year, it is more important than ever that they do not develop any cavities or infections that could cause them to miss days from school. This final year is full of advanced classes, exams, and cramming for the ideal SAT score that will get them into the best colleges.

Unfortunately, things like a common cavity can get in the way of perfect attendance by creating an unexpected and severe toothache. To avoid this, we recommend scheduling an appointment for a dental examination and teeth cleaning both now and before end-of-year final exams.

Dental Examination

During the dental examination, we will look for signs of tooth decay. It is possible to catch decay at an early stage before it creates any discomfort. Doing so is ideal because it allows us to treat the condition immediately and ensure the teen is not affected by it. Our family dentistry will also look for signs of infection, damage, or gum disease and make treatment recommendations if we find anything wrong.

The Convenience of a Family Dentistry Office

The staff at our family dentistry office can schedule an appointment in the afternoon, so the family does not need to miss any school. The parents can let us know what day works best for their extracurricular activities, and we will do our best to accommodate. If we notice any health concerns or a damaged tooth, we have several treatment solutions that we can implement during the same appointment.

For example, we can remove decay and restore the tooth using a dental filling. We can complete a dental filling in one visit. If there is a cracked or chipped tooth, we can use dental bonding as a restoration in one appointment. This way, receiving dental care does not need to conflict with the other activities the busy senior has scheduled.

If your teen wants to improve the appearance of their teeth this year, we can assist with that, as well. As a cosmetic dentist, our Stafford dental office identifies ways to improve the appearance and function of teeth while keeping the natural tooth intact. For example, we can remove deep stains and discoloration with a teeth whitening procedure that is perfectly safe and comfortable.

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