Here are Questions We are Regularly Asked in Our Gentle Dentist Office

Gentle DentistIn our gentle dentist office, we help a lot of patients to achieve excellent oral health and to keep their mouth healthy.  We do this by providing expert level dental care and taking the time to listen to our patients needs.  Schedule an appointment for your own dental exam and be sure to ask questions while you are here.  We are confident that the more educated our patients are, the better equipped they will be to take excellent care of their gums and teeth in between appointments.  With that in mind, here are a few of the questions we are asked on a regular basis and our answers to them.

How can I tell if I have gum disease?  What are the symptoms?

If you have gum disease, it is important to visit our office right away. Gum disease is a leading cause of adult tooth loss, so it is definitely not something to take for granted.  Some of the common signs are gums that are red, swollen, irritated, bleed, or start to shrink back, making your teeth appear longer.  As the condition worsens, it is normal for pockets to form in the gum tissue, exposing more of the tooth structure and roots.  We do not want it to get to this point since the earlier we can treat it, the more comfortable you will be.

How is a gentle dentist different from a traditional family dentist?

Our focus is on dental care that is performed in a way that allows our patients to remain entirely comfortable.  While most dentists want their patients to have a pleasant experience, many are using older more traditional dental tools and some rush through the appointment.  Both can lead to unintentional irritation.  We use modern technology to make dental appointments more comfortable, and we take our time to ensure that everything we do is done gently so that you can be as comfortable as possible.

I tend to avoid the dentist because it gives me anxiety.  Can you help?

Absolutely, dental anxiety or phobia is incredibly common.  Very often, this is caused by a negative childhood experience while other times it is the fear of the drill or noise that it makes that gives people anxiety.  As a gentle dentist, we are focused on providing a pleasant experience and are here to set your mind at ease.  Your appointment will be positive and we can use sedation to help you relax so give us a call to schedule yours.

Are there certain health conditions that make it so I should visit you more frequently?

Yes, if you are a diabetic, use tobacco products, or are pregnant, you should visit our dentist office more than normal, at least twice a year, and potentially more often.  We will let you know during your dental exam if we are concerned about specific areas of your oral health and make a recommendation for how frequently you should come in.

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