General Dental Procedures from a General Dentist

General DentalA general dental office provides a long list of preventative and restorative dental procedures from a general dentist. We know that healthier teeth help you achieve overall healthiness. We believe in the importance of regular dental visits every six months, and we strongly encourage patients to practice correct oral hygiene habits daily. We provide you with care for a variety of problems, and we can help instruct you on proper oral hygiene care. Continue reading to learn more about dental procedures from a general dentist at a general dental office.

Examinations and Dental Cleanings

During regular checkups, a general dentist will provide you with a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums. This examination will take place after you receive a thorough dental cleaning from our hygienist. By monitoring your teeth and gums, we can tell if any tooth decay is occurring, or any signs of periodontal disease (severe gum disease) are present. If these problems exist, we can provide you with the necessary dental procedures from a general dentist to better the health of your teeth and gums.


Fillings from a general dental office repair decayed teeth by providing them with a more durable, protective, and healthy surface. We will apply fillings to decayed teeth after we remove the cavity. Fillings will allow your tooth to remain healthy for many more years. We offer tooth-colored fillings that are durable and blend in with your teeth or strong silver amalgam fillings that provide strong protection, though not a desirable finish.


Crowns are one of the most common dental procedures from a general dentist. A crown is a covering for your entire tooth. It is used when a tooth has sustained too much decay for a filling to properly fill in. It is also used if you have a cracked or damaged tooth that needs extra support to remain strong and healthy. Crowns are placed over teeth that have had root canal treatments in order to protect them from future infection. A crown can also be used to secure a dental bridge, which is a common tooth replacement option. Crowns from a general dental office are a versatile preventative and restorative treatment that can benefit most people's teeth. We typically use tooth-colored, porcelain-made crowns that look just like your real teeth, so when they are placed over a weakened tooth, no one will notice.

Tooth Extractions

If your tooth has been severely damaged, and it cannot be saved by the use of a restorative treatment, a general teeth may perform a tooth extraction to save you from the discomfort that will come from allowing the tooth to fall out by itself. Tooth extractions are also performed if a tooth has abscessed or has a dangerous infection that cannot be removed and could pose a risk to your other teeth and gums. This is also one of the most common dental procedures from a general dentist.

At our general dental office, we provide comprehensive care that includes these dental procedures from a general dentist, and many more in addition to these. Whatever your dental needs are, we can provide you with a treatment that will result in an attractive finish and strengthened teeth and gums.

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