An Emergency Dentist Can Help You in a Time of Need

Emergency DentistAs a family dentist providing emergency dental care in Stafford, we will be there for you in your time of need. If you have a dental emergency, we will not ask you to wait for weeks to schedule an appointment but will work to schedule you for immediate care.  While open during business hours, we can get you in right away so that you can feel better.

Listed below are a few common reasons you may want to visit our office as soon as you can.

Q: How can a family dentist save my chipped tooth?

A: Besides being an esthetically unappealing addition to your smile, a chipped tooth can also cause a large amount of discomfort. For an immediate fix and relief from discomfort, our dentist office can help.

Our quick dental bonding is the most commonly used solution for a chipped tooth. As a emergency dentist providing care, we can place a composite resin material over the open surface and harden it to a perfect shape and a durable consistency. For a smaller chip, you may just need a minor enamel shaping to buff out the uneven area, creating a smooth, natural-looking surface. For a larger chip or more extensive damage, we can apply a thin veneer to create a natural looking, attractive tooth once again.

Q: How can a family dentist replace my lost tooth?

A: If you have lost your tooth and are having trouble getting an appointment for a long-term fix, our emergency dentist office can help. There is a variety of options available to replace missing teeth. Regardless of the number of teeth that need replacing, we can create dentures, a dental bridge, or even place an implant as needed. A dental implant is our most permanent option available.

Q: How can you treat my painful cavity?

A: Some cavities are small and don't cause any discomfort. In this case, a quick fluoride treatment or small filling may do the trick to prevent further decay. If your cavity has already gotten to an uncomfortable stage, we can help by treating it right away. We will first remove the existing decay, and then will fill in your tooth with a strong and durable filling. Our filling options vary in color and strength, but our most requested filling type is our composite resin. This filling is tooth-colored and provides long-term protection against further tooth decay.

If your cavity is beyond filling repair, we can perform a root canal or tooth extraction if needed. We try to avoid these options in most cases because we like to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. As a family dentist providing emergency dentist care, we can also provide you with a resilient, personalized crown that will cover your existing tooth and prevent more damage.  Whether your tooth and gum problems are large or small, we are prepared to help at any time. Our Stafford dentist office will give you the care and attention you deserve when you need it most. Since we provide treatment during business hours, we do our best to leave room in the schedule for patients with a dental emergency and we can also provide you with suggestions for how to stay comfortable while waiting to come in.

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