Composite Fillings from Fountains Family Dental: Dr. Jennifer Kan DDS Can Improve Your Smile

Composite FillingsWe encourage you to visit our office for composite fillings from Fountains Family Dental: Dr. Jennifer Kan DDS. If you have had cavities in the past or think that you may have some now, these fillings can be used to restore your tooth structure and can be done in a way that looks entirely natural and blends in with your existing tooth structure.

While most people do not think of fillings when they consider dental restorations, that is exactly what they are. When you get a cavity, you are actually suffering from tooth decay. In this situation, the decayed portion of your tooth must be removed so that it does not spread and create an additional infection. We can do so quickly and without causing you discomfort. However, once the decay has been removed, your tooth structure will look different. It will not be intact and as a result, you will not be able to bite down or eat without feeling pain. To ensure that this does not happen, we will place a dental filling.

Composite fillings from Fountains Family Dental: Dr. Jennifer Kan DDS can achieve the same results as traditional amalgam ones with one major difference – they look like your natural tooth while amalgam ones stand out. In this way, composite fillings are a far more beneficial dental restoration. In our office, we apply the composite material in layers that hardens as we go. This allows us to shape the material in a way that mirrors the natural ridges of your tooth. This is important for ensuring that when you bite down, your surrounding teeth fit securely and comfortably with your restored one. Otherwise, you could experience irritation when you bite down that would prevent you from using the tooth like you used to.

The most significant benefit to composite fillings is that they look natural and are durable enough to restore your tooth structure after we have treated your cavities and removed the decay. They can also be used to restore your tooth if you have a small chip. Through the course of daily activity, it is entirely possible to chip your tooth while biting down on a crunchy treat or eating a bag of trail mix. These chips, while small, can make it difficult to eat without a toothache. We can use a composite material to restore the tooth structure that was chipped off and can do so in one appointment. This makes it easy to correct many small dental challenges.

When you visit our office, we will let you know if composite fillings from Fountains Family Dental: Dr. Jennifer Kan DDS are the ideal restoration for your dental challenges. If you have larger chips or cracks, it is likely that we will suggest an alternative like veneers or crowns. Veneers are commonly used to restore damaged front teeth while crowns are more likely to be used on molars. Dental crowns can also look entirely natural and be made of porcelain or ceramic. The difference is that they surround your tooth like a cap so that nothing can directly touch it. If you have a cavity or chip that is too large to be restored with a filling, this is most likely going to be your best solution.

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