An Implant Restoration is Your Alternative to Dentures

Implant RestorationOur patients often ask about an implant restoration and what it would mean for their long-term oral health. This is a permanent procedure that can restore the functionality of missing teeth. Unlike dentures that must be taken out, an implanted tooth will remain securely in place and cared for like a natural tooth. It is an ideal solution for those with an active lifestyle who don't want to slow down to worry about their teeth.

Dentures are a common and practical solution for replacing missing teeth. They have been around for centuries and allow patients to have the functionality of a full set of teeth without undergoing a surgical process. The main challenge with dentures is that they can come loose when eating or speaking and must be taken out to be cleaned and allow your gums to rest.  While functional, these inconveniences can diminish a person's quality of life and make it difficult to enjoy some of their favorite foods.

An implant restoration eliminates these concerns because the new tooth is attached to an implanted synthetic root system that is completely durable. During the process, a metal piece is implanted underneath the gum line and secured to the patient's jaw bone. The metal and bone fuse together to create a synthetic root. A second metal piece is then attached at the surface of the gum line, and the synthetic tooth secured to it. This three-part system is the most stable and durable solution for replacing missing teeth. Once in place, a patient can eat all of their favorite foods, speak clearly, and enjoy life without worrying about their implant.

An implant restoration is also used for people who want to have a straight smile but don't want braces. In this scenario, the natural teeth can be removed and replaced with an implant. Some patients elect to have this done for several teeth that may be sticking out or not fitting with the rest of their smile.  Instead of wearing braces this procedure can be completed and a permanent straight smile will emerge. This addresses a common challenge that braces cannot – roots. Braces move teeth, but the root system remains in place and can start to pull teeth back to their former position. This is why most patients are required to wear a retainer after having their braces taken off.  In fact, some adult patients need to wear a retainer for the rest of their life.  With an implant the root system is new so there is no risk of the tooth moving out of place.

Patients that want a youthful, beautiful smile may want to start with a basic procedure like teeth whitening to see how it improves their smile. If teeth still look dull, crooked, or several are missing, an implant restoration is a great next step. The process can take several months to complete, so temporary dentures are often worn. However, once the implant is securely in place, patients have gorgeous looking permanent teeth that are both durable and stunning.

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