A General Dentist Debunks Common Myths About Dental Care

General DentistIf you have questions or concerns about dental care, call our general dentist office. It is important for you to be well-informed in regards your oral health, and as such, we welcome any questions you may have. Since there are so many myths surrounding oral health, it is wise to visit our office to make sure you are not operating under any false premises. For example, many parents make the mistake of thinking that since milk is full of calcium, it is okay to give their babies and toddler a bottle to take to bed. Milk is also full of sugar, and this often leads to baby bottle tooth decay. This is a perfect example of how common assumptions can actually be bad for your oral health. Here are a few other myths that we hear on a regular basis and the truths you should know.

Myth #1: Natural sugar is not bad for your teeth.

The Truth – As in the example of sending a child to bed with milk, all sugar is bad for your teeth. Since your mouth is full of bacteria, when sugar and starch are left on the teeth, the bacteria can grow and create plaque. This increases your risk of getting cavities, so rinse out your mouth after drinking milk, juice, or soda and brush your teeth at least twice per day.

Myth #2: Flossing is not necessary every day.

The Truth – The best tool you have in the fight against gum disease is flossing your teeth. Failing to do so can increase your risk of getting cavities and gum disease. As a general dentist, we recommend that you floss daily, and if you do not enjoy it, use a flossing tool with a pick since this will make the process easier.

Myth #3: Whitening teeth with lemons is perfectly safe.

The Truth – Lemons are acidic, and placing acid onto your teeth can lead to erosion. You only have a limited amount of enamel, and keeping it intact is necessary for preventing sensitivity. Otherwise, you could need a dental bonding procedure or dental crowns to reduce the sensitivity. To prevent this, visit our office for teeth whitening that is perfectly safe and effective.

Myth #4: Baby teeth are not important since they fall out eventually.

The Truth – Baby teeth are critical for your child because they make it possible to establish proper speech patterns, eat normally, and smile confidently. They also hold space for permanent adult teeth to grow in. If baby teeth fall out too early due to an accident or decay, the surrounding teeth can move out of position and crowd out the space for the adult teeth, creating the need for braces in the future. A general dentist would recommend that you properly care for your child's baby teeth so they can remain healthy and intact until the new adult teeth are ready to come in.

We encourage you to visit our office and ask any questions you may have, so we can help you remain in excellent oral health.

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